Research results on how to make it work.

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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this guide is not meant as legal advice. This is just a result of some investigation and making our company cookie policy banner GDPR compliant and reusable across our services.

TL;DR: Just go here and read the docs @sandstreamdev/cookieconsent

The problem

I have never thought that I’ll write some post about the second (just after ads) most annoying thing on the web but you never know what will be your next task when you’re Full Stack Engineer.

We all remember times when there were no such thing like cookie popups (or I’m just that old…

Web application and new browser support in few lines of code.

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TL;DR Safari browser implements Object.keys() in different way than Chrome and Firefox. It won’t give you sorted array as Chrome or Firefox.

The problem

How often do you get question when you’re showing result of your long time work that sounds like: “Does it work in Safari?”

We got that question lately although we were supposed to take care mainly of Chrome and Firefox support.

As we didn’t check it earlier we tried to run our web app on Safari browser and it “worked” but not as we expected. For some data the app was starting up but the sorting of data…

left-to-right (LTR) or right-to-left (RTL) text direction

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So you got your awesome project and the last thing that is there to do is to make your client a demo.

You got great company template for PowerPoint. Everything goes smoothly, you have finished your presentation. There were some funny places where your keyboard’s arrows worked as reversed but you thought that it was again some Windows on Mac problem.

You place your presentation for review on Google drive and… tables go nuts. Colons and closing brackets are displayed at the beginning of the last line.

Website story

Jekyll, Docker, Express.js, Nginx and Jenkins FTW!

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It is a story that may also happen to you (if you are a full stack developer or if your boss just wants you to do it).

After all these years, our company’s web page became outdated, so we needed a new shiny one that would get us even more customers, or just to generate some new bug reports from testers saying “it doesn’t work on Safari / Edge!” — pick one. The deadline was classic: “as soon as possible and give it a modern look”.

It all began in a company far, far away…

If you need some specific part, then skip all this intro nonsense and click…

Marek Rozmus

Full Stack Developer at Sandstream Development.

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